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Asus laptop Screen replacement and repair easily and quickly

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Asus laptop screen replacementCall at 0557503724 for Asus laptop Screen replacement and repair in all our Dubai

Is your Asus laptop having a hardware problem and is no longer in warranty?Do not throw it away, do it! Cost less than you think and you can immediately know the price of the Asus laptop Screen replacement and any hardware repair, just complete the form below. Repair takes place in less than a week and we are going to collect it and hand it over.

We also give the Asus laptop Screen replacement & repair warranty for 3 months.

The Asus laptop Screen replacement service in UAE

The laptops have become essential tools for the production activities of a company and for home use.

Asus laptop screen replacement dubaiAs laptops are more susceptible to faults due to simple deactivation, the classic is closing the screen with inside an object that inevitably damages the lcd panel, or the power jack (power connector) fails, it does not work in the touchpad or you accidentally pour liquid on the keyboard that will no longer work.

Your data is all stored there and the notebook does not turn on anymore, here is the problem of repair, having to bring it to the service center, request a quote, often having to pay the repair fee … All this leads to a waste of time and then money.

Our fail- safe repair service out of warranty, is comparable to the service offered by major motherboards (hp, Dell, samsung, fujitsu, sony, acer, asus, Apple macbook etc.).

UAE Technician will send a courier at your home to pick up your defective laptop and once repaired it will deliver it back to the address you indicated.

UAE Technician gives you the chance to know for free and immediately how much the repair of your laptop costs and the cost is inclusive of shipping and returning your laptop.

If the failed notebook has other issues added to what is indicated by you, we’ll keep updating the quote for free and if your notebook is not repairable, no extra charge will be charged.

Below is the list of services that are provided:

  • Defective screen that consists in replacing the lcd screen or lcd panel
  • Damaged screen cover that is to replace the cover or lcd lid of your notebook
  • Replacing the touchpad notebook
  • Replacing laptop keyboard
  • Repair or replace damaged notebook connector with laptop reboarding mainboard reballing
  • Replacing or reballing the notebook wireless card
  • Replacing the cd / dvd player or recorder
  • Repairing or Replacing the mainborad (motherboard) of your notebook
  • Replacing or reballing the vga board

Do not waste any more time, go to the HOMEPAGE , calculate your free quote online and then decide whether to order the service.