Know the difference between Dome CCTV and Bullet CCTV cameras

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Technology is upgrading day by day with innovation and new ideas. Most of the people take help of technology and make it productive and beneficial to themselves and for others. However, you may find people who take technology for granted and use it against law or nature. This unnecessary cause creates trouble for others. Keep your home, school, and office safe with this new technology, CCTV or Closed-circuit television. It is one of the best electronic devices that technology has gifted to the world. This revolutionary equipment, if used correctly, can make a huge difference. CCTV has already found a place in home, office and other institutions.

Advantages of installing CCTV cameras are:

CCTV cameras are the best way to keep an eye on illegal practices. CCTV can make your place a safe one, and it will prevent crime. Seeing a CCTV, a thief or mischief-maker will think twice before doing anything wrong.

Whether you are in trouble or experiencing unethical practice, your CCTV camera will be there for you to provide you with the evidence and you can catch them red-handed. You can make your home and office trouble-free from becoming easy targets. You can maintain records for further use. Criminals are ridiculously smart, and they can easily understand between dummy cameras and the real ones. You can get them in any shape and size you want. Some cameras are so tiny that you can hide them in plants, behind or in the pictures, photo frames, and other objects.

Difference between Dome CCTV and Bullet CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras have different types. You can buy them according to your home decor, office requirements, and public uses. Most familiar CCTV cameras are Dome camera and Bullet Camera. For video surveillance, these cameras are best. Usually, Dome camera and Bullet camera provides the same service. The image resolution and functions are quite identical. However, there is a minor difference that makes them unique from each other.

Dome camera vs. Bullet camera

  • You can install Dome CCTV cameras according to the interior decoration, and it gets stylish with home decor or in small shops.
  • You can install Bullet CCTV cameras on the side of a wall, and a bullet camera looks like a barrel of a gun or a bullet. That is the reason the name, Bullet is given to it.
  • You can install a Dome camera in the ceiling of a house. They come with short view distance, and stylish miniature version makes it desirable for home decor. The dome cameras blend in with the area of installation.
  • Waterproof design is the vital quality of the Bullet camera. Bullet camera comes in larger size compared to Dome cameras and can provide the best way to catch unusual activities. The mounting bracket quality can make bullet camera a best one to get a horizontal and vertical view as they can swivel easily. These cameras have some best features like sensor chip, Wide Range Dynamic, lines of resolution, type of lens, Back Light Compensation and Auto Gain Control.

Do a research and know the difference between Dome CCTV and Bullet CCTV cameras

Studying the difference between Bullet CCTV cameras and Dome CCTV cameras will be beneficial for you to get a perfect one. Spend your money on the best CCTV camera that suits your requirement and keeps your place trouble free.

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