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Maps For GPS: Where To Get Them And How To Download Them

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Why update  your GPS maps

GPS includes a series of basic maps at the factory, with information about the routes and streets, but usually does not include details about points of interest (POI) for the driver: service stations, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.

Another reason to update the maps of your GPS is to be aware of the possible changes that have been made in the route, whether they are new detours or change of direction of the streets. Having the updated information you will find the best alternative, you will save kilometers and travel time and avoid accidents.

When purchasing a GPS it is a good idea to document the availability of maps about the area, country or continent where you will use it, or where you have planned to travel.

Download free maps for GPS

The offer of maps made and distributed according to the philosophy of “open source” is increasing. However, you should know that installing any of these unofficial maps could pose a risk to your GPS. In case of any problem with the registry after having installed the new map on the computer, it is always possible to uninstall it with the “Add / Remove Programs” utility, from the Windows Control Panel. Just in case, it is good to establish a recovery point before undertaking the installation of each new map.

Here are some links where you can download free images from around the world:

GPS Map Search : Maps from all over the world for Garmin GPS.

Maps of the World for GPS : Links of maps of different countries, spatially for Garmin.

Map Center : This is the classic reference server, from which you can then expand the search for free maps around the world. It offers links for the direct download of almost any map. It is the simplest and safest procedure at the same time. Maps from all over the world for your Garmin device .

How to download the maps to your GPS 

Option 1: Download the maps directly on the SD memory card of your GPS or your cell phone. This will be the simplest way, since you can use them immediately.

Option 2: Download the maps from your computer (recommended), and then transfer them to your GPS device, using a USB cable. In this case it is likely that you have to download the necessary drivers to be detected by your GPS device. In general, these drivers can be downloaded from the official website of your GPS.

Some GPS have drivers that do not allow to add new maps to those already installed. But to do so, you must delete the ones you already had and reinstall them along with the new ones. In this case, it is advisable to previously make a backup of existing maps in a folder inside your computer. There are also other programs available on the Internet to upload maps to your device, such as Send Map or Map Upload. Mind you, neither of these two programs allows you to see the maps on your computer.

Once you have downloaded and installed the maps of those places that you have planned to know, you are ready to start your trip. You will feel oriented and safe wherever you are. You only have to enjoy the landscape!


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Safely Remove Files and Restore Drive on Windows by UAE Technician in Dubai

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UAE Technician has an expert team of professionals for resolving the all concern related to computer, laptop, Data recovery, Window recovery etc. Here are very important tips for the safely remove files as given in below article.

When we delete a file on Windows this is moved to the trash. If we want to erase it permanently we empty the trash and the file is gone … But there is still!

When we empty the trash bin, the files it contains are not permanently deleted but are still recoverable with specific programs (which we’ll see in another guide). They are only moved to a section of the disc that is not visible to us, waiting to be overwritten by other files that we will save on the PC in the future. In this guide we will see what systems to use to recover those files that are no longer recoverable in order to better protect our privacy .

Let’s see how to delete a single file definitively

  • To do this we will use a free program called Freeraser which you can download from its official page at this link: Freeraser
  • Once downloaded and installed by the settings, always remember to disable automatic startup
  • Launched the program will have its icon in the shortcut bar at the bottom right, click and the image of a basket will open
  • What we have to do is simply drag us over the file we want to delete
  • We will then be asked for confirmation and we will see a small animation on the basket of a running wheel
  • When the file is stopped, the file will be permanently deleted

The program practically does overwrite the file that we are deleting over and over until it becomes unreadable.

In the past, however, we may have deleted so many things and we do not want them to be recoverable, so let’s see how to recycle the drive.


  • We use CCleaner again , find the download link in this guide
  • We close all active applications (Skype, Browser, etc.)
  • We have CCleaner and we give confirmation from administrator
  • Let’s go to “Tools” and choose “Drive Recovery”
  • Below we put the check on the disk where we want to carry out the reclamation
  • From the pull-down menu, choose “Free space only”
  • On the other drop down menu we have to choose the type of overwrite, the more complex the more time it will put, choose what we prefer
  • Click on “Reclamation” and it will start. The time of the operation varies depending on the volume of files to be overwritten and the type of writing that we chose, it can last very much anyway.

Feel free to contact@ 0557503724 UAE Technician if you are still facing any issue for Safely Remove Files or laptop data recovery.

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How to repair the motherboard of computer and Laptop

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UAE Technician provides the complete solution for motherboard for all brands including laptop main board, replacement cards laptop motherboards, Asus ,Compaq, Acer ,Dell, Apple, Acer, Sony, LG and many  other brands as well.
Support notebook motherboards

Hp Motherboard  Repair

Acer Motherboard Repair

Compaq Motherboard Repair

Toshiba motherboards Repair

Asus Motherboards Repair

Fujitsu Siemens motherboards Repair

Lenovo Motherboards Repair

Packard Bell Motherboards Repair

Samsung Motherboard Repair

Olidata motherboards

IBM Motherboards Repair

Dell Motherboards Repair

Apple motherboards Repair

Sony Vaio Motherboards Repair

UAE Technician take the complete responsibility of  The motherboard repair of the notebook also known as main board is the part of the basic personal computer, which through components and electronic circuits allows the distribution of high frequency signals. Motherboard repair troubleshooting broken motherboard components with the latest generation equipment.

Contact us for free consultant at 0557503724 or email us @

The proper operation and good performance of the motherboard provides the basic principle of quality and reliability for the personal computer. Our portable service center has tools and equipment to analyze defects and malfunctions of motherboards and through specific laboratory instruments we are able to carry out repairs even electronically in order to make a convenient repair.
So why replace your notebook if you can fix it with a fraction of buying a new one?

Electronic repairs devices

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information to repair your motherboard’s