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Safely Remove Files and Restore Drive on Windows by UAE Technician in Dubai

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UAE Technician has an expert team of professionals for resolving the all concern related to computer, laptop, Data recovery, Window recovery etc. Here are very important tips for the safely remove files as given in below article.

When we delete a file on Windows this is moved to the trash. If we want to erase it permanently we empty the trash and the file is gone … But there is still!

When we empty the trash bin, the files it contains are not permanently deleted but are still recoverable with specific programs (which we’ll see in another guide). They are only moved to a section of the disc that is not visible to us, waiting to be overwritten by other files that we will save on the PC in the future. In this guide we will see what systems to use to recover those files that are no longer recoverable in order to better protect our privacy .

Let’s see how to delete a single file definitively

  • To do this we will use a free program called Freeraser which you can download from its official page at this link: Freeraser
  • Once downloaded and installed by the settings, always remember to disable automatic startup
  • Launched the program will have its icon in the shortcut bar at the bottom right, click and the image of a basket will open
  • What we have to do is simply drag us over the file we want to delete
  • We will then be asked for confirmation and we will see a small animation on the basket of a running wheel
  • When the file is stopped, the file will be permanently deleted

The program practically does overwrite the file that we are deleting over and over until it becomes unreadable.

In the past, however, we may have deleted so many things and we do not want them to be recoverable, so let’s see how to recycle the drive.


  • We use CCleaner again , find the download link in this guide
  • We close all active applications (Skype, Browser, etc.)
  • We have CCleaner and we give confirmation from administrator
  • Let’s go to “Tools” and choose “Drive Recovery”
  • Below we put the check on the disk where we want to carry out the reclamation
  • From the pull-down menu, choose “Free space only”
  • On the other drop down menu we have to choose the type of overwrite, the more complex the more time it will put, choose what we prefer
  • Click on “Reclamation” and it will start. The time of the operation varies depending on the volume of files to be overwritten and the type of writing that we chose, it can last very much anyway.

Feel free to contact@ 0557503724 UAE Technician if you are still facing any issue for Safely Remove Files or laptop data recovery.

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How to repair the motherboard of computer and Laptop

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UAE Technician provides the complete solution for motherboard for all brands including laptop main board, replacement cards laptop motherboards, Asus ,Compaq, Acer ,Dell, Apple, Acer, Sony, LG and many  other brands as well.
Support notebook motherboards

Hp Motherboard  Repair

Acer Motherboard Repair

Compaq Motherboard Repair

Toshiba motherboards Repair

Asus Motherboards Repair

Fujitsu Siemens motherboards Repair

Lenovo Motherboards Repair

Packard Bell Motherboards Repair

Samsung Motherboard Repair

Olidata motherboards

IBM Motherboards Repair

Dell Motherboards Repair

Apple motherboards Repair

Sony Vaio Motherboards Repair

UAE Technician take the complete responsibility of  The motherboard repair of the notebook also known as main board is the part of the basic personal computer, which through components and electronic circuits allows the distribution of high frequency signals. Motherboard repair troubleshooting broken motherboard components with the latest generation equipment.

Contact us for free consultant at 0557503724 or email us @

The proper operation and good performance of the motherboard provides the basic principle of quality and reliability for the personal computer. Our portable service center has tools and equipment to analyze defects and malfunctions of motherboards and through specific laboratory instruments we are able to carry out repairs even electronically in order to make a convenient repair.
So why replace your notebook if you can fix it with a fraction of buying a new one?

Electronic repairs devices

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information to repair your motherboard’s

Repair of laptops | LG laptop repair services in Dubai

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lg laptop repairJust call @ 0557503724 for taking help about your LG laptop repair services: –

LG technical service. LG Laptop repair in Dubai. Since its creation, the UAE Technician group has been designed as the main objective, to become the most important center of the city of Dubai in the repair of all the portable models of the market. To achieve this purpose, it incorporated from the beginning the most qualified and prepared specialists and technicians of the city, which are updated daily of all the technological advances that are being implemented in the design of the baseboards of laptops.

Portable repair UAE Technicisn workshop has the most modern means to perform a fast and safe repair service on the motherboards of LG laptops, as we have at our disposal the best equipment and working tools. We also have an extensive reserve of parts, accessories and spare parts for each LG model of the market. Our clients will be able to have the best rates and payment options of the Dubai city.

Our repair services contemplate the solution of all problems at the level of micro components on the motherboards of LG laptop repair service. These solutions include:

LG Laptop repair

  • Repair of faults caused by short circuits in the different internal sources of the motherboard or between the control lines of the other integrated ones.
  • Reballing the integrated North Bridge, South Bridge and Graphic Processing Unit, which usually over time present problems in their welding, thus losing contact with the base of the notebook.
  • LG laptop replacement of defective parts of the laptop, such as USB ports, DC Jack connector, network card, hard drives and optical drive.
  • Replacement of broken micro components that make it impossible for the LG laptop to work properly.
  • Reprogramming of the BIOS memory in the presence of corrupted data in it or replacement of the same in case of being completely damaged, because in each case would cause the laptop not to turn on.
  • Repair the inverter of the screen and replace the other parts of the same.
  • Installation of the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems, as well as all the programs those are necessary for the user.
  • Replacement of LG screens
  • Replacing LG hinges

We also offer technical service for Acer, Sony Vaio, Apple iMAC and Packard Bell notebooks.

All our repair services are destined to the solution of the problems that can appear in any laptop of the market, but we are experts in the repair SAT LG Valencia all the models of the mark LG, since it has managed to insert itself in the world market due to the quality, stability and security that can be perceived in all its range of products, among which stand out televisions, monitors, mobile phones and portable. UAE Technician will advocate at all times for the realization of a highly professional and functional repair work, in order to become the best laptop repair center in the Dubai city and its best and most profitable option. UAE Technician will always dedicate all its effort and effort to the solution of its problems.

Over ten years of competence repair services

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UAE Technician your specialist for Apple products, IT repairs and system solutions, a competent partner for professional support in setting up software and installing hardware.

Whether iMac, iPhone or iPad – as an Apple-authorized service partner , we are certified to repair and set up Apple products. In our modern equipped IT workshop in Dubai, defective Apple devices are expertly tested and repaired.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive support service for Apple and Window systems . Whether data transfer, installation, network equipment or training – we bring your business to the latest state of the art and make you fit in the handling of computer, hardware and software.

Our Technician Support Centre UAE Technician – your specialist for Apple products, IT repairs and system consulting. In our shop in the center of Dubai we welcome you with first-class service and competent advice on our Apple products.

In our modernly equipped IT workshop in Dubai, our Apple-certified technicians repair defective iPads and other Apple devices. On request also at your home place or office.

In our IT workshop, we repair fast and inexpensively defective Apple devices with hardware problems of all kinds. We also repair IT equipment from other manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Sony Samsung.

Event Support services in Dubai: Use our experienced technicians at your events. We support you on site with the establishment of IT and IT systems and ensure a flawless process.

Installation of hardware software service: Our technicians set up your company network and IT infrastructure according to the latest technology and security standards, and make your Mac ready to use with the right software in UAE Dubai

Onsite services in Dubai: Save time and nerves: Whether training, on-site repair, hardware or software installation – we support you with our know-how, quickly and competently at your site.

At UAE Technician you get not only a first class all rounder  service but also certified competence. We are authorized partners of well known IT manufacturers, such as Apple, Microsoft, Filmmaker, CBL, HP, Adobe. Our team is expertly trained in the most common IT and software solutions. Feel free to convince yourself about our qualifications.

Nothing is as valuable as your business data and a smooth workflow. With the appropriate software and hardware and the competent UAE Technician team, you can safely manage and protect your data.


Our range of software solutions includes technologies for secure data storage, archiving and data synchronization. Integrated security standards, automated processes and user friendly applications support you in your daily business.


As we are experienced service providers in the field of IT, hardware repair, software installation. We offer appropriate hardwarefrom Apple Repair Services, which meet the highest standards of performance, performance, comfort and design

HP printer service and repair in Dubai

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HP printer service & repairCall us @ 0557503724 for HP printer service and repair in Dubai

In UAE Technician within the catalog of services offered by our repair service, we perform the repair of HP printers service and repair in Dubai and in the rest of UAE, our team solves the common and advanced problems that your printers have.

Within the range of printers of HP we work with the different equipment and ranges of the mark, like for example:

  • Range of ink printers, such as the HP Deskjet 460, 9800, HP OfficeJet K550, K850, HP Business InkJet 2300 and 2800 printers and the entire HP inkjet printer catalog.
  • Range of home monochrome laser printers or small workgroups such as the HP LaserJet LJ 1020, LJ 1022, LJ 1160, LJ P2015, LJ 2410, LJ P3005.
  • Monochrome office laser printers, such as the HP LaserJet LJ 4250, LJ 4350, LJ 5200, LJ 9040, LJ 9050 and the full range of printers in the LaserJet Pro range.
  • Range of office color laser printers, such as the HP Color LaserJet 2600, 3000, 3600, 3800, HP Color LaserJet 4700, 5550, 9500 and the entire Color LaserJet range.
  • We also work with advanced multi-function printers with scanning and faxing features.
  • Moreover, the technical service also offers repair of large printing equipment or HP plotter, for more information of this type of equipment can access your specific page here

Types of HP Printer service and repair

Although the list of problem types requiring service by UAE Technician is long, here are the most common problems with HP equipment:

Problems of wear of parts and consumables of printers:

hp printer service

  • Over time printers like all technology equipment that has mechanical elements, need new parts or change parts in the equipment because they have reached the end of the life cycle of consumables, just as cars need to change the wheels every few kilometers, printers require parts for wear parts such as transfer belt, loading roller, fuser, waste canister, etc.
  • Errors on the printer’s internal control and processing boards or circuit
  • Faults in the power supply of the equipment, errors usually caused by problems with the electrical network, with for example voltage surges of the same.

Printer setup and usage problems:

  • Review and resolution of printing problems in local network via Ethernet or WIFI, very common in companies that some equipment or printer has problems printing on the Network.
  • Configuring the controls and solutions associated with the printer control panel, or software solutions associated with the printer.
  • Troubleshoot problems with drivers and software updates.
  • Creation of groups and configuration of users associated with the printing team, all associated with the company network.
  • Excellent remote support with a first level of quality, to handle basic problems such as paper jams in the input trays and problems arising from the quality of printing.

All in all, from UAE Technician repair service, we manage the repair of your HP printer for all types of problems or errors that may be encountered with your computer.

From the Technical Service of UAE Technician we also manage the repair of HP printers at home, where our staff moves to your facility to repair the equipment at your home or if the type of repair requires moving the printer to our facilities.

For more information contact us UAE Technician using our more information form or our contact form, you can also contact us at 0557503724 by phone.

In UAE Technician we offer repair of HP printers in Dubai and the rest of UAE (in the Abu Hail Al, Awir First, Al Awir Second, Al Bada, Al Baraha), with displacement to the different localities of these provinces as: Al Khor, Karama, Bur Dubai, Deira, Al Nahda, JLT, JVC, Jebel Ali,Gardens, JBR, Springs, Jumeirah, Al Satwa, Media City, Internet City, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Tecom, Al Barsha, etc.

Laptop Repair in Dubai

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When people buy a computer, they soon think of a laptop. A laptop takes up little space and can be taken anywhere, so laptops are very nice to use and comfortable . Due to the many uses, a laptop may have defects or damage at any given moment.

Do you accidentally lay your pen between your laptop while snapping it down and the screen is now cracking? Does not the keyboard work and you can not write more? Or do you suffer from another defect? . Apart from if you are facing any another issue in you laptop which are making the obstacle in your smooth work. So no need to worry about it because we have an expert team of technical professional at our UAE Technician Center in Dubai,

Laptop Repair Services

Now a days Almost PEOPLE uses a laptop, whether at home, at school, in the park, at work, in the train, by bus or in the car. A laptop is no longer to be considered. However, over time or a fall or drop, a laptop can cause damage. Everyone sometimes has put his or her bag to the ground with his or her laptop in it. At first glance, it seems like nothing is going on, but when a test is no longer working properly, the image sometimes disappears or another defect occurs, you can wonder if it can hit the ground. A laptop may become sluggish over time, causing you to be annoyed behind a laptop, cleaning a laptop is the solution! For any laptop problem, at Smart repair you are at the right place.

If you do not know exactly what is defective occurred with your computer then UAE Technician Expert will investigate the defect of your computer. If your laptop is not working then it might be possible to laptop repairing is very much necessary.

At Uae Technician you will not be surprised that our Technician expert are highly skilled and experience to repair or replacement the screen, keyboard, TouchPad or USB ports as per requirement of your device. First of all we will try to repair the existed component of your laptop device. In case if repair of the products not success then we will replace your device part with best quality as per your laptop module.

So get the best and affordable laptop repair services in Dubai by UAE Technician engineers. You call to us 0557503724 or drop an email at with you all issue like