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How to install POI in a Garmin Nuvi 660

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The Garmin Nuvi 660 is a GPS device that helps drivers with turn-by-turn and a large database of points of interest, with places such as shopping malls, restaurants, ATMs and stations. petrol. Using Garmin’s free POI Loader software, custom points of interest can be transferred to the device. These points of interest can be downloaded or created by the user. After connecting the Nuvi 660 to a computer, points of interest can be installed on the device using a brief transfer process.

Instructions for installing POI in a Garmin Nuvi 660

1 Download the Garmin POI Loader software and install it on the computer.

2 Save any POI files that you want to use, if they are or downloaded, to a named folder created by the user “My POIs”. Do not save any other type of file in this folder. If the files are compressed in ZIP format, right click each one and select “Extract”.

3 Turn on the Nuvi 660 and connect it to the computer with a USB cable. Open the POI Loader and click “Next”.

4 Click “Find Device“, select the Nuvi 660 and click “Next.” When asked for the location of your POI files, choose the “My POIs” folder.

5 Click the units of measurement that you want to use for your POIs. Choose either feet and miles per hour or in meters and kilometers per hour. Click on “Express” then “Next”.

6 Click “Finish” when the POIs have been installed. Disconnect the Garmin ┬áNuvi 660 from the computer.

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