Safeguard your business with our trusted Cloud Services: Protect the information of your business

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With the world going digital, various automatic backups and auto-saving features have been introduced. But when it comes to reliable backups, they are not enough. To overcome this problem, Cloud backups were introduced as storing data in the Cloud is considered to be more secure than to store it at any other place. Previously, people had to store their important data and information on their computer or any server. Since the introduction of cloud computing, you can access the same applications through the internet. Are you looking for a reliable Cloud service in Dubai? Then come in contact with the professionals at Tech Support Dubai. We will provide you with genuine services to protect your personal information.


Cloud services are designed for providing easy access to applications and resources. It allows you to access a number of useful tools and features. It provides the platform to simplify the transition of the data and information to the cloud and also enables to manage your needs with the changing business requirements. Most of the enterprises and organizations are using this service for the ease of storing information. However, when you are choosing any particular cloud backup service, you need to be careful.

Keep track of following points while selecting Cloud services

While selecting Cloud Services for your business, you must ensure that they meet the requirements of your company and is quite economical. Regardless of the fact, take note of the following points:


  1. Ensure the privacy of data and information


It is much safer to upload all your important data to a location in the clouds apart from storing it on any local storage device. But then it is equally important that before uploading the data, you have to check whether the cloud service that you are using ensures the security of your data. In fact, there are a number of features such as state-of-the-art encryption, which the cloud service provider uses to keep your data safe.

  1. Flexibility in the cloud storage solution alleviates data security


With modern cloud infrastructures, users can access the data from any geographic locations. The clients can control their data and the way of accessing it with appropriate plans and features. The companies that provide cloud storage services offer flexible data storage plans and allow clients to access the data at optimal speeds. So, before choosing a relevant cloud storage service, make sure that it alleviates data security and that it meets the growing requirements for cloud storage.

  1. Use the encryption algorithms to protect your data


Usually, the cloud backup services keep all the data encrypted at all times to avoid any theft of data. They use the most optimized and best algorithm for security purpose and also ensure faster sync and access capabilities. Thus, it is advised to select a Cloud service provider which enables the users to back up their removable devices, their network volumes, and their external hard drives.

  1. Secure your financial transactions with different security protocols


For restoring the information, the users download and use the various intuitive software on the computer and install various apps on their Smartphone. So, before selecting, make sure that you are choosing a Cloud service provider which allows you to quickly restore the data stored in the clouds and secure it via using different security protocols. This will restrict you to invest unnecessarily in restoring apps and offer a cost-effective solution for data backup and recovery.


Thus, if you are looking for a reliable Cloud solution in Dubai, trust our services. Our team of experts at Tech Support Dubai offers the best-in-class services for cloud storage. They provide solutions that are safe and secure and do not risk the privacy of data.

Why choose our Cloud service in Dubai?


Our team of professionals is expert in creating and deploying secure digital workspaces by placing your app and data resources on any hybrid cloud. Listed below are the services we offer to our clients:


  •  Design and improve applications for the cloud with end-to-end development services
  •  Leverage advanced networking, application and hosting services for a security-rich hybrid cloud platform
  •  Accelerate your path to cloud migration by optimizing your investments and reducing the risk and costs
  • Address the complexities of managed cloud services by boosting agility and improving the infrastructure of your company
  •  Optimize the infrastructure of your company with strategic guidance for portfolio rationalization and migration to a hybrid cloud
  •  Integrate and manage the difficulty of the multi-cloud environment.

Reach us to get Cloud storage solutions in your budget:


Trust the comprehensive services provided by the experts at Tech Support Dubai and get the benefit of desktop and app virtualization, content collaboration and cloud storage solution to deliver a secure workspace for your business. You can come in contact with us by calling us at our helpline number 050 205 3269 and grab immediate help from our experts for Cloud services. Our dedicated professionals are also available online so that you can get in touch with them via live chat facility and chat with them. Feel free to avail our email service and let us hear your queries.

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Know the difference between Dome CCTV and Bullet CCTV cameras

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Technology is upgrading day by day with innovation and new ideas. Most of the people take help of technology and make it productive and beneficial to themselves and for others. However, you may find people who take technology for granted and use it against law or nature. This unnecessary cause creates trouble for others. Keep your home, school, and office safe with this new technology, CCTV or Closed-circuit television. It is one of the best electronic devices that technology has gifted to the world. This revolutionary equipment, if used correctly, can make a huge difference. CCTV has already found a place in home, office and other institutions.

Advantages of installing CCTV cameras are:

CCTV cameras are the best way to keep an eye on illegal practices. CCTV can make your place a safe one, and it will prevent crime. Seeing a CCTV, a thief or mischief-maker will think twice before doing anything wrong.

Whether you are in trouble or experiencing unethical practice, your CCTV camera will be there for you to provide you with the evidence and you can catch them red-handed. You can make your home and office trouble-free from becoming easy targets. You can maintain records for further use. Criminals are ridiculously smart, and they can easily understand between dummy cameras and the real ones. You can get them in any shape and size you want. Some cameras are so tiny that you can hide them in plants, behind or in the pictures, photo frames, and other objects.

Difference between Dome CCTV and Bullet CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras have different types. You can buy them according to your home decor, office requirements, and public uses. Most familiar CCTV cameras are Dome camera and Bullet Camera. For video surveillance, these cameras are best. Usually, Dome camera and Bullet camera provides the same service. The image resolution and functions are quite identical. However, there is a minor difference that makes them unique from each other.

Dome camera vs. Bullet camera

  • You can install Dome CCTV cameras according to the interior decoration, and it gets stylish with home decor or in small shops.
  • You can install Bullet CCTV cameras on the side of a wall, and a bullet camera looks like a barrel of a gun or a bullet. That is the reason the name, Bullet is given to it.
  • You can install a Dome camera in the ceiling of a house. They come with short view distance, and stylish miniature version makes it desirable for home decor. The dome cameras blend in with the area of installation.
  • Waterproof design is the vital quality of the Bullet camera. Bullet camera comes in larger size compared to Dome cameras and can provide the best way to catch unusual activities. The mounting bracket quality can make bullet camera a best one to get a horizontal and vertical view as they can swivel easily. These cameras have some best features like sensor chip, Wide Range Dynamic, lines of resolution, type of lens, Back Light Compensation and Auto Gain Control.

Do a research and know the difference between Dome CCTV and Bullet CCTV cameras

Studying the difference between Bullet CCTV cameras and Dome CCTV cameras will be beneficial for you to get a perfect one. Spend your money on the best CCTV camera that suits your requirement and keeps your place trouble free.

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Invest in the Best CCTV Cameras of 2018

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CCTV camera or Closed Circuit Television camera is a commonly heard term in today’s world. It is nothing but using some Video Cameras for transmitting signals from any specific place to a limited set of monitors. It is used primarily for keeping constant monitoring in places like banks, retail stores, schools, colleges and other areas which require topmost security. It serves many different purposes like Crime Prevention, Traffic Monitoring, Transport Safety, Corporate Employees Monitoring, Industrial process monitoring and many more. We can compromise on choosing our food or clothes options. But we cannot compromise in selecting the best security options for ourselves.

Nowadays, people have started using CCTV cameras in their homes to maintain home security while they are staying out of the house due to work or for any other reason. CCTV cameras have both wireless and with wire variations. Some of them are used for indoor usage, and some of them are used for outdoor usage. In a nutshell, CCTV cameras help you to keep your home or workplace safe.

Common CCTV Cameras were available in the market:-

Due to the vast spread and non-stop usage of CCTV cameras across the globe, there are numerous CCTV Camera systems, available in the market. Some of the commonly used CCTV Cameras are Amcrest 960H, Netgear Arlo, Nest Cam Outdoors, Q SEE 8-Channel, Logi Circle 2Wired, Nest Cam, ANNEK 8CH, Swann SWDVK etc. Now choosing the right CCTV system for you depends on the purpose for which you want to use it.

Best CCTV Cameras that are available in the market:-

In case you are looking for best CCTV option for your home or workplace safety, then this article will help you out. First, you need to decide on its primary usage, i.e. for indoor usage or outdoor usage. Then you must categorize the currently available CCTV cameras according to Price, specifications, features and warranty details. Always try to choose a CCTV camera that provides excellent visibility with clarity to protect and alert in future. Below is the comparison between top 6 CCTV Cameras with all specifications to help you choose the best option for you.

1rst)Amcrest 960H It has 65 ft Night vision, 75 degrees of view angle, 1 TB hard disk space, one year warranty and price is between $299.99, and its main catchy feature is it can operate at -22 degree F to 122 degrees F temperature and has the highest resolution if 960H.

2ND)Q SEE 8-Channel- It has 80 ft night vision with 65-70 degrees of view angle with 1 TB hard drive space. It has two years warranty and operates at temperature of 14-130 degree F, and its price is $274.95.

3RD)JOAN 1080N AHD- It has 60ft night vision with 75-degree view angle, one year warranty, operating temperature between -4-122 degree F and price are $339.99.

4th)ANNEK 8CH- It has 66ft night vision with 75-degree view angle, operating temperature of -4-122 degree F, one year warranty and its price is $299.99.

5th)Swann SWDVK- It has 65 ft night vision with 55 degrees of view angle, the Operating system of -4-122 degree F. It has I year warranty, and its price is $299.99.

6Th)Netatmo Presence– it has the resolution of 1080p with 130-degree view angle and 1 TB hard disk space. Its price is $199.99.

So, If you are searching for a good home security option, then Amcrest will be the best option for you. To keep your family safe. And if you are looking for CCTV surveillance for your office premises, then you must opt for Nemato Presence. For no specific requirement regarding indoor or outdoor usage, you can choose from any of the options mentioned offer.

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How to install POI in a Garmin Nuvi 660

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The Garmin Nuvi 660 is a GPS device that helps drivers with turn-by-turn and a large database of points of interest, with places such as shopping malls, restaurants, ATMs and stations. petrol. Using Garmin’s free POI Loader software, custom points of interest can be transferred to the device. These points of interest can be downloaded or created by the user. After connecting the Nuvi 660 to a computer, points of interest can be installed on the device using a brief transfer process.

Instructions for installing POI in a Garmin Nuvi 660

1 Download the Garmin POI Loader software and install it on the computer.

2 Save any POI files that you want to use, if they are or downloaded, to a named folder created by the user “My POIs”. Do not save any other type of file in this folder. If the files are compressed in ZIP format, right click each one and select “Extract”.

3 Turn on the Nuvi 660 and connect it to the computer with a USB cable. Open the POI Loader and click “Next”.

4 Click “Find Device“, select the Nuvi 660 and click “Next.” When asked for the location of your POI files, choose the “My POIs” folder.

5 Click the units of measurement that you want to use for your POIs. Choose either feet and miles per hour or in meters and kilometers per hour. Click on “Express” then “Next”.

6 Click “Finish” when the POIs have been installed. Disconnect the Garmin  Nuvi 660 from the computer.

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Maps For GPS: Where To Get Them And How To Download Them

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Why update  your GPS maps

GPS includes a series of basic maps at the factory, with information about the routes and streets, but usually does not include details about points of interest (POI) for the driver: service stations, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.

Another reason to update the maps of your GPS is to be aware of the possible changes that have been made in the route, whether they are new detours or change of direction of the streets. Having the updated information you will find the best alternative, you will save kilometers and travel time and avoid accidents.

When purchasing a GPS it is a good idea to document the availability of maps about the area, country or continent where you will use it, or where you have planned to travel.

Download free maps for GPS

The offer of maps made and distributed according to the philosophy of “open source” is increasing. However, you should know that installing any of these unofficial maps could pose a risk to your GPS. In case of any problem with the registry after having installed the new map on the computer, it is always possible to uninstall it with the “Add / Remove Programs” utility, from the Windows Control Panel. Just in case, it is good to establish a recovery point before undertaking the installation of each new map.

Here are some links where you can download free images from around the world:

GPS Map Search : Maps from all over the world for Garmin GPS.

Maps of the World for GPS : Links of maps of different countries, spatially for Garmin.

Map Center : This is the classic reference server, from which you can then expand the search for free maps around the world. It offers links for the direct download of almost any map. It is the simplest and safest procedure at the same time. Maps from all over the world for your Garmin device .

How to download the maps to your GPS 

Option 1: Download the maps directly on the SD memory card of your GPS or your cell phone. This will be the simplest way, since you can use them immediately.

Option 2: Download the maps from your computer (recommended), and then transfer them to your GPS device, using a USB cable. In this case it is likely that you have to download the necessary drivers to be detected by your GPS device. In general, these drivers can be downloaded from the official website of your GPS.

Some GPS have drivers that do not allow to add new maps to those already installed. But to do so, you must delete the ones you already had and reinstall them along with the new ones. In this case, it is advisable to previously make a backup of existing maps in a folder inside your computer. There are also other programs available on the Internet to upload maps to your device, such as Send Map or Map Upload. Mind you, neither of these two programs allows you to see the maps on your computer.

Once you have downloaded and installed the maps of those places that you have planned to know, you are ready to start your trip. You will feel oriented and safe wherever you are. You only have to enjoy the landscape!


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Keyboard Repair: Sony Vaio keyboard replacement in Dubai

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Sony Vaio keyboard replacementCall us @ 0557503724 for Sony Vaio keyboard replacement & repair in Dubai

Laptop Keyboard: We are providing all kind of repair services like Sony Vaio keyboard replacement & repair in Dubai:

  • Replacement and Replacement Portable Keyboard
  • Repair Keys
  • Notebook Keyboard Replacement
  • Portable Keyboard Preventive Request
  • UAE Keyboard: Installation, Layout, Accented Characters and Symbols.

Replacement and Repair Portable Keyboards: Sony Vaio keyboard replacement & repair

Missed buttons? Did water fall? Do the keys make noise? You burned the keys with the cigarette? Repairing or replacing the laptop keyboard is an economical operation.

If some of the buttons are jumbled, it may be possible to replace them in some cases, but the key replacement operation is quite difficult because they change plastic coloration and support springs. Typically, keyboard replacement is a fast, easy and cost-effective operation.

For the cost of labor, including component dismantling / assembly, operating tests and work guarantee click here.

Repair Keys:Sony Vaio keyboard replacement & repair

In some cases it is also possible to replace the missing or broken or ruined keys.

However, this operation necessarily requires that you have the handset in our laboratory because as you can see from the images below, there are some Enter keys with their supporting supports / springs, one different from each other, both with regard to the shape and size of the key, both with regard to the plastic mechanism (spring / support).

An image of the K key is also displayed. As you can see the size of the keys vary (in the example there are only 5 keyboard models, but there are actually many more), the plastic support mechanism also varies special hooks.

Having a large number of failed keyboards then we have a large number of keystrokes and mechanisms that in specific cases could allow UAE Technician to repair only faulty keys.

Unfortunately, we cannot make a priori a priori estimate or send the customer the only spare part because we cannot even know exactly which button and spring model is adopted by the handset keyboard (also knowing brand, family and precise model).

Spare Part

If you only want the spare part because you are able to replace the keyboard yourself we need the part number of the keyboard (numeric or alphanumeric code written below the keyboard).

We do not always find the exact component from the model and brand of the computer. Try to visit our official Website or fill in the form.

UAE Technician Notebook Accessories – Keyboards

  • Notebook Spares Sony Vaio Keyboard
  • Notebook Accessories Asus Keyboard
  • Notebook Spare Parts Keyboard Hp
  • LG Notebook Accessories
  • Notebook Spare Parts Toshiba Keyboard

How to Install an UAE Keyboard

To select the UAE keyboard, click on the icon on the right of the Windows bar that indicates the keyboard language, and select ‘EN’. If you do not see the icon, go to the Control Panel and click on ‘International Options’ then Language, or alternatively click the ‘Country and Language’ icon and then select your language (UAE).

Any kind of laptop related issues | HP Service center in Dubai

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hp service centerCall us @ 0557503724 for find best HP Service center in Dubai

HP service center. HP repair services, Screen for HP laptops

  • HP Dubai Technical Service
  • HP Dubai Technical Support
  • HP Dubai Screen Replacement, HP Screen Repair
  • Laptop Repair HP Dubai. COMPAQ
  • Other all brand of laptop repair

Where to repair my HP laptop in Dubai

Index UAE Technician service HP Dubai specialized in repairing HP laptop. Tecnico sopot HP Dubai, solve any breakdown that could befall his laptop HP, change HP screen in Dubai, HP repair screen, change keyboard, aliemntador current and HP technical support in Dubai for repair of HP computer and laptop, repair of logic board, battery change, keyboards, technical support HP etc

Changes screen HP Dubai, large permanent stock of HP notebooks, so the repair of your HP notebook takes place in about 24 hours. From Dubai. HP keyboard change   in UAE, permanent stock of HP notebook keyboards. Repair of motherboard and HP portable graphics card, housings, batteries, change HP portable power connectors, power adapters, spare parts, etc.

How you know your Laptop Motherboard defective

hp service center DubaiUAE Technician laboratory offers technical assistance to repair the motherboards of HP laptops in Dubai, if your computer & laptop turns on but does not give video it has the defective motherboard or the video card, it is normally integrated in the motherboard itself, except for models of the high-end segment that is anchored as an independent card in the motherboard itself. In any case, please contact us at 0557503724 to our HP service center Dubai.

HP pavilion graphics card repair, HP notebook and motherboard by infrared welding, repair the electronics of the motherboard of your HP laptop at component level, without having to change it for a new one thus reducing its cost.

Three months warranty of repair parts

Spare parts for batteries , chargers , screens , keyboards etc…

Laptop Screen Repair: Toshiba Laptop Screen Replacement Dubai

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Toshiba Laptop Screen ReplacementContact us @ 0557503724 for Toshiba Laptop Screen Replacement and Repair Dubai

The Best Toshiba Laptop Screen Replacement and Repair Dubai, is one of the most requested services to UAE Technician. There are several problems that can occur with the monitor or display of your Toshiba Laptop Screen.

  • Do some parts of the Toshiba Laptop Screen burned, white or remain red, green or blue?
  • Does it turn on the screen for a moment and then turn itself off?
  • Does the mouse pointer leave a wake when moving it?
  • Are the texts or images on the Portable display blurred?
  • Does the Portable Screen or Notebook have a very dim image or is it very dark?
  • Is the display blank or unreadable?

Some solution for Toshiba Laptop Screen Replacement and Repair

Toshiba Laptop Screen Replacement DubaiSome solutions for the Portable screen include only settings on the display. Other problems may require the Screen to be repaired or replaced. Even, sometimes it may not be the Laptop Screen … the problem, but the video card or other cause.

You can contact us by calling 055 750 3724 or also see our Official Website

The only way to find out is to contact UAE Technician so that our qualified technicians can review your Laptop, diagnose the failure and prepare a budget.

Download the Repair Request here, print it, fill it out and send it or bring it to our address along with your Notebook. Upon receiving it we will prepare the corresponding budget and send it by e-mail.

We wait for the confirmation of your payment and approval by e-mail to proceed to the Repair of the Toshiba Laptop Screen.

The Toshiba Laptop Screen Replacement and Repair includes:

  • Repair or replacement of LCD or LED panel
  • Review and maintenance of the hinges
  • of signals in the Flex Cable
  • Inverter Review
  • Tests
  • External cleaning of your Notebook …

Asus laptop Screen replacement and repair easily and quickly

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Asus laptop screen replacementCall at 0557503724 for Asus laptop Screen replacement and repair in all our Dubai

Is your Asus laptop having a hardware problem and is no longer in warranty?Do not throw it away, do it! Cost less than you think and you can immediately know the price of the Asus laptop Screen replacement and any hardware repair, just complete the form below. Repair takes place in less than a week and we are going to collect it and hand it over.

We also give the Asus laptop Screen replacement & repair warranty for 3 months.

The Asus laptop Screen replacement service in UAE

The laptops have become essential tools for the production activities of a company and for home use.

Asus laptop screen replacement dubaiAs laptops are more susceptible to faults due to simple deactivation, the classic is closing the screen with inside an object that inevitably damages the lcd panel, or the power jack (power connector) fails, it does not work in the touchpad or you accidentally pour liquid on the keyboard that will no longer work.

Your data is all stored there and the notebook does not turn on anymore, here is the problem of repair, having to bring it to the service center, request a quote, often having to pay the repair fee … All this leads to a waste of time and then money.

Our fail- safe repair service out of warranty, is comparable to the service offered by major motherboards (hp, Dell, samsung, fujitsu, sony, acer, asus, Apple macbook etc.).

UAE Technician will send a courier at your home to pick up your defective laptop and once repaired it will deliver it back to the address you indicated.

UAE Technician gives you the chance to know for free and immediately how much the repair of your laptop costs and the cost is inclusive of shipping and returning your laptop.

If the failed notebook has other issues added to what is indicated by you, we’ll keep updating the quote for free and if your notebook is not repairable, no extra charge will be charged.

Below is the list of services that are provided:

  • Defective screen that consists in replacing the lcd screen or lcd panel
  • Damaged screen cover that is to replace the cover or lcd lid of your notebook
  • Replacing the touchpad notebook
  • Replacing laptop keyboard
  • Repair or replace damaged notebook connector with laptop reboarding mainboard reballing
  • Replacing or reballing the notebook wireless card
  • Replacing the cd / dvd player or recorder
  • Repairing or Replacing the mainborad (motherboard) of your notebook
  • Replacing or reballing the vga board

Do not waste any more time, go to the HOMEPAGE , calculate your free quote online and then decide whether to order the service.

Data Recovery: Retrieving Hard Drive Data by laptop data recovery Dubai

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laptop data recoveryJust dial 0557503724 for laptop data recovery services Dubai, UAE

Among the laptop data recovery services offered by UAE Technician lab are data recovery from the hard drive of a laptop: for both companies and individuals, it allows you to retrieve all the information contained in the hard disk of a laptop that, for a reason or for the other, has been lost. For example, it may happen that an accidental fall of the notebook will ruin the drive, or that a voltage swing will cause damage.

Laptop Data Recovery: Damage to magnetic surfaces

laptop data recoveryOne of the most typical hard disk damage, for example, is that of magnetic surfaces that can bump into mechanical problems: it is the case of a head assembly that reveals abrasion at specific points, perhaps after trying to run the hard disk after a collision or a fall. The data that users enter in the hard disk memory are right on the magnetic surface of the plates: as it gets damaged, accessing the disk becomes impossible, and so can also work on stored data.

It may also happen that the problem is a company in Dubai to the magnetic surface, without involving the electronic and mechanical components. In this case, even if the disk starts, the data cannot be accessed. In particular, it speaks of head crash to indicate contact between the magnetic surface and the heads, causing the grooves to crease on the surface itself. The data in that area at that point are no longer accessible.

Our laptop data recovery services for data recovery hard disk drives

Our company allows you to retrieve data from the hard drive of a laptop using advanced technology equipment, including the UAE Technician lab: our expertise and professionalism are a guarantee of success, and in fact the percentage of problem solving our lab is close to 98%.

So, whoever fears of losing part of the data on your notebook’s hard disk, for example due to a groundbreaking shock that may have caused a shock on the headsets, can turn to us, being sure to see satisfied with their needs .